List of Staff / Board

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Franklin Chu


Franklin Chu has served as the Principal of CSSW since 2000.  He is President of Sage Capital Group, an investment firm engaged in portfolio management and private equity.  Mr. Chu is also a Licensed Psychoanalyst in private practice in New York.  He is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School.  His two daughters are graduates of CSSW.

Wan Ping Wu

Curriculum Director

Wu Wan Ping Lao Shi began her teaching career upon receiving her teaching certification from Chiayi Shi Zhuan in Taiwan. She began tutoring privately and teaching at the Chinese School of Southern Westchester over the next nearly 40 years. She is currently the Curriculum Director at the Chinese School of Southern Westchester. She believes in teaching by means of positive reinforcement and teaching my students in accordance with their aptitude. She has found that the way to successfully help her students to learn is to keep them engaged by making learning fun, resulting in their own interests to improve and excel.  Her daughter is a graduate of CSSW.

Johnny Chan


Johnny Chan & his wife came to New York from Hong Kong and they have been settled in Ardsley for almost 30 years. Both of their daughters are graduates of CSSW and he has been working with the school board for a long time, and is honored to have the chance to serve the community and provide a friendly environment for the younger generation to learn Chinese Languages.

Cindy Chan

Office Manager

Cindy Chan was born & raised in Hong Kong. She migrated to US in 1992. Her two sons are past students of CSSW. She is the office manager since 2003. Her duty is to communicate with school office, teachers & parents.

Wil Chen

Board of Director

Wil Chen is an active board member since 2014. He is a registered Equity Finance Relationship Manager with a Canadian bank. As a proud CSSW graduate, Wil’s sons Justin and Jason are both enrolled in Chinese School of Southern Westchester since first grade. He has a BBA in Public Accounting from Lubin Business School, Pace University.

Eric Cheng

Board of Director

Eric Cheng is a native of Hong Kong (SAR) and is a practicing attorney in New York.  He graduated undergraduate at University of Pennsylvania and received his law degree at Case Western Reserve Law School.  He has been affiliated with CSSW since 2008 and his daughter Audrey is a current student.

Sophia Shih

Board of Director

As a former graduate of Chinese School of Southern Westchester, Sophia has always been an active member in the CSSW community. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Business Administration, she worked in retail operations, but also returned as a Teacher’s Assistant for several years at CSSW. Currently, she is serving her 3rd year as a CSSW Board Member and has 2 daughters who are also students at CSSW.

Frances Wang

Frances Wang

Board of Director

Frances Wang is a Doctor of Dental Medicine and joined the CSSW Board in 2019.  As a CSSW parent, she has observed how the teachers at Chinese School of Southern Westchester try a variety of ways to engage students.  The staff is dedicated to helping students gradually build up their confidence by participating in small group discussion, debate, and sharing personal experiences.  As a result, her own children not only became more comfortable with speaking in Chinese, but also paid more attention to what was happening in the Chinese-speaking part of the world.  Therefore, she is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of CSSW, contributing her efforts to the important endeavor of Chinese education.

Julie Wang

Julie Wang

Board of Director

Julie has been an active member of the CSSW community since her children joined the school 10 years ago. Julie graduated from Harvard University and Cornell Medical School, and is now Professor of Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunology at Mount Sinai. She has been serving as a CSSW Board Member since 2012 and has 2 children who are students at CSSW.