Beginner Classes

Nursery (2-3s), Pre-K (4-5s) & Kindergarten (5-6s):  These early education  classes introduce young children to learning in a Mandarin-speaking environment where the fundamental skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are systematically introduced.  The Nursery Class is organized as a play group, while the Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes more closely resemble a conventional classroom format.  The Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes use the textbook Let’s Learn Chinese(學華語向前走, wherein both the phonetic system of hanyu pinyin 漢語拼音)and Chinese written characters are introduced.  A small amount of weekly homework is assigned and report cards are issued twice a year.  The Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes meet for a structured 2-hour session.  The 3rd hour session may commingle students from both Pre-K and Kindergarten, and incorporates elements of the optional culture classes offered to students in 1st Grade and above.