Faculty headshots and bios

Language Class Teachers

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Weili Lai


Miss Lai graduated from Hunan Institute of Technology with an undergraduate degree in choreographer. Elective psychology, education, teacher qualification, Mandarin grade certificate. Good at Chinese music, dance, rhythm teaching, fun literacy, love, love to study a variety of homemade teaching aids, teaching in music. She has taught “Mummy and Me,” “easy Chinese,” “standard Chinese”, and taught 1-12 year olds. She has taught at new Chinese schools, CLP and Huaxia New York Central School since 2013 and at CSSW in 2019 and is popular with children and parents.

Yanhe Gao


Yanhe Gao is the teacher of Kindergarten class. She is from Beijing and graduated from Beijing University of Technology.  She taught in Beijing for 6 years.  After coming to the United States in 2010, she worked as a tutor in the Westchester area and taught in American, Russian, Jewish and mixed Chinese families for 8 years.  She has rich experience in Chinese learning for adults, children and middle school students, and has proficient reading, speaking and writing skills.  Focus on infiltrating Chinese traditions, history and food culture in class.  She has taught in New York Huaxia Chinese School for 6 years, first grade Ma Liping and second grade Standard Chinese.  Since 2017 she teaches at CSSW . She taught sixth grade Easy Step Chinese at Scarsdale middle school and she also taught at ABC Language Center after-school Chinese classes in Larchmont School District for 4 years.

Lily Tian


Lily Tian is the teacher of Kindergarten class. She graduated from the Department of Literature of Nankai University in 1984. She has been teaching in Chinese schools since 2005 in New York City. She won a certificate of merit from Association of Chinese Schools.

YoYo Liu

1st grade

Miss YoYo Liu is the teacher of 1st grade. She graduated from National Taichung University of Science and Technology & Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a fashion designer & Jewelry development and production manager. She began teaching in CSSW from 2001. As a Chinese teacher, she focuses on: Hope to guide students through lively and interactive teaching methods, Interactive teaching instead of unidirectional indoctrination hope students to be interested in what they are learning every time. Her son is a current student of CSSW.

Bin Lu

2nd Grade

Teacher Bin Lyu joined CSSW in September 2019 as a second grade teacher. She has rich teaching experience. The teaching method emphasizes both the explanation of Chinese characters and practical application. She is good at cultivating students’ interest in learning Chinese in class activities. Teacher BinLyu loves students and teaching, and has always believed that student progress is one of the sources of her happiness in life.

Hongying Zhao

3rd Grade

Miss Hongying Zhao joined CSSW in 2018 & she is now a 3rd grade teacher. She graduated from Shenyang University English Specialty with a Bachelor degree & a Master Degree from Takusyoku University Economics Specialty. She is now a financial advisor of New York Life Insurance Company. Her hobby is Chinese cultural study.

Roger Yang

4th Grade

Roger Yang is a 4th grade teacher. He graduated from the affiliate senior high school of Taiwan Normal University in Taipei Taiwan. Then he got the BA degrees Math major from SUNY Purchase. He has been teaching in CSSW for 3.5 years.

Horvath Lin

Horvath Lin

5th Grade

Horvath Lin is the head teacher of 5th grade. She received her B.A. from Shanghai International Studies University, M.A. from University of Michigan and Ph.D. from University of Southern California. She teaches Mandarin at multiple Chinese schools, after-school programs and summer camps in Westchester. She has taught students of different ages and varied cultural and family backgrounds. She strives to make learning Mandarin relevant to students and help them to develop skills as well as appreciation of both Chinese language and culture.

Mengxiao Shi

6th Grade

Mengxiao Shi Ph.D. has been teaching in CSSW since September 2008 as a 6th grade teacher. He is an Analytical Chemistry at Estee Lauder Companies, New York. Mr. Shi graduated in 1989 B.S in Chemistry, Peking University, Beijing, China & in 1998 Ph D. in Organic Chemistry of City University of New York. One of his daughter graduated from CSSW & the other one is a current student.

Susan Yang

7th grade and intermediate conversion class

Miss Athena Susan Yang is currently head teacher of 7th grade and intermediate conversation class. She graduated from Albany University in 1992, major in Business & Chinese. She has taught in CSSW for 10 years. Teaching Chinese to students, drafting lesson plans, creating learning materials, assigning homework, evaluating classroom performance, grading tests, updating teaching course material, attending school staff meeting, designing Chinese instruction and curriculum on culture, stimulating Chinese reading and writing skills, and teaching solid pronunciation in Chinese phonetic systems and Chinese Pinyin.

James Hsiao

9th Grade

James is the 9th grade teacher in CSSW. He graduated from Bachelor of Science in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology & Master of Science in Columbia University. He is a New York Certified Public Accountant. He likes to encourage students and let them to build their leadership in the class. James’s class is fun and full of humor. He pays more attention to interact with students. Sometime he designs creative games to play in the class. The 9th grade course is very useful. The topics are covered from weather, asking direction, sports, rent an apartment and dining etc. His son & daughter are CSSW current students.

Jing Jing Liu

Advanced Class

Miss JingJing Liu is thrilled to say this is her 7th year teaching advanced Chinese.  She grew up in Shanghai, China, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Concordia College.   She taught different age groups of kids for years before moving to Advanced Class.  She has a true passion for working with our teenage learners!!  She strives to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment.

Cultural Class Teachers

Ling Zhu


Ms. Zhu is the teacher of Chinese Painting class. She has the Master of Arts degree from Academy of Arts & Design in Tsinghua University, Master of Public Art education in Central Academy of Fine Arts with National Putonghua Level Test Grade A (announcer) level. She has many years of art teaching experience. Ms. Zhu is good at customizing aesthetics since her art and design experiences have brought possibilities to children, teenagers and adults. She has combined abundant art courses with practice and theory such as painting and photography, comprehensive materials, art design and art history. She has put a variety of rich painting process, drawing, color, art design and other basic techniques and methods into the teaching with the students’ actual conditions. At the same time, she always focuses on the cultivation of students’ imagination and creativity.

Philip Tambakis

Kung Fu

Philip Tambakis is a 35th generation secular Shaolin disciple, educator, and musician. At Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters Westchester branch, he trained under Shifu Chuek Ho Kwong in Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and Chen style Tai Ji Quan. Expansion and refinement of Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong is ongoing under Shifu Lan Chao Hai at the New York Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center纽. Recent performance link: http://www.shaolin.org.cn/newsinfo/84/110/23324.html

Class Teacher
Painting Ling Zhu
Math Yoyo Liu
Origami Su-Yun Chang
Kung Fu, Tai Chi Philip Tambakis
Chess Leo Chan
Ping Pong Jason Chu
Beginner Conversation Bin Lu
Dancing Huiying Zhang