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How to type Chinese in the Windows XP

A¡BPlease follow the insturction below to set up the language bar on the desktop
Step 1: [ Start ] ¡÷ [ Control ] ¡÷ choose[ Regional and Language Options ]¡C

Step 2: [ Regional and Language Options ]window ¡÷choose[ Languages ]tab ¡÷ at[ Text services and input languages ]option¡÷ click[ Details... ]button¡C

Step 3: [ Text Services and Input Languages ]window ¡÷choose[ settings ]tab ¡÷ at[ Installed services ]option ¡÷ click[ Add... ]button¡C ¡÷ at [ Input language ] choose [ Chinese(Taiwan) ] ¡÷ at [ Keyboard layout/IME ]¡Achoose[ Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a¡A or the other input methods ] ¡÷click[ OK ]button¡C¡÷so at[ Installed services ]option, will show the input method just installed.¡C

Step 4: back to[ Text Services and Input Languages ]window ¡÷ at[ Prefernces ]option¡÷click[ Language Bar ] ¡÷ to open[ Language Bar Settings ]window ¡÷ select[ Show the Language bar on the desktop ] & [ Show text labels on the Language bar ] ¡÷click[ OK ]button¡CAt this point, you will see the language bar shows up on the desktop toolbar section.

B¡BHow to call the language bar from the desktop toolbar
If the language bar does not show up on the desktop¡A it has two points to check on it. 1. on [ Text Services and Input Languages ]window ¡÷ choose[ Advanced ]tab ¡÷at[ system configuration ] ¡÷uncheck[ turn of advanced text services ]

2. place the mouse near the desktop colock toolbar, right click, it will show few options, click on the [ Toolbars ] ¡÷ choose [ Language bar ] to bring up the Language bar¡C

C¡BLanguage bar usages: 1.Swithch English ¡÷Chinese¡B Chinese¡÷English¡GCtrl+Space

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